About Be-Spoke Boutique 

Find us located in the heart of Mudgee’s CBD at 58 Church Street Mudgee NSW.
We are open Monday & Wednesday to Saturday & the occasional Sunday.

Founded in 2018, Be-Spoke Boutique features Australian Labels. 

The boutique was opened with the aim to provide our customers with fashion that they will wear for years to come and will see them through all seasons.​

Each item of clothing, accessory or gift you see at Be-Spoke Boutique has been hand selected for its brilliance. With a unique and quirky range of Australian brands, we provide you with a shopping experience like no other. While embracing minimalism, we love to cherish those things that make you special.

No matter which items you buy from our store, you’ll benefit from a fast-shipping policy and impeccable customer service. If you have any questions about the items you see at, Be-Spoke Boutique, contact us.

About Megan - Be-Spoke Boutique Owner

It has been quite the journey that led me to become the proud owner of Be-Spoke Boutique.
After more than 15 years in corporate marketing, and the past decade spent in Sydney, I found myself yearning to reconnect with my rural roots when the second Sydney COVID lockdown began in 2021. So, with my family of three, we made the bold decision to leave the city behind and embrace Mudgee as our new home. As I worked remotely, I felt my social media skills waning, and I craved a new project. That's when I reached out about purchasing the boutique and reigniting my passion for Fashion PR.

My fascination with the fashion industry traces back to 1998 when I had the incredible opportunity to partake in work experience alongside the esteemed Australian designer, Jonathan Ward. Growing up in Tottenham, NSW, we both developed a deep appreciation for natural Australian fibers and even experienced the bustling activity around a wool table during shearing time. Jonathan, renowned for dressing icons like Elle McPherson, Kylie Minogue, and Naomi Campbell, as well as serving as the Head Designer for RM Williams, invited me to witness a captivating Fashion Week event where he competed in a design contest to dress Barbie. It was an exhilarating experience, with notable designers such as Joe Saba and Donna Karan DKNY vying for the top spot. Naturally, Jonathan emerged as the victor, showcasing his talent by adorning Barbie in a resplendent gold gown.

During that event, I encountered another remarkable individual who caught my attention—Nikki Andrews, a friend of Jonathan's and a prominent figure in the world of Fashion PR. With her stylish flip phone and impeccable blow-dry, Nikki exuded an aura of coolness. Nikki owns the PR firm that continues to manage Australian Fashion Week, and I vividly recall her rushing to the aid of Collette Dinnigan, shielding her from intrusive paparazzi. This encounter left an indelible impression on me, fueling my pursuit of a career in PR and marketing. I eagerly followed Nikki's advice to pursue a degree in PR and Communications. I remember watching one of Nikki's employees meticulously crafting a description of a Cartier Watch, dedicating an entire day to the task. Now, as I write product descriptions and upload multiple photos to Shopify, I am reminded of that transformative experience before I even open the doors of Be-Spoke Boutique.

My retail journey further flourished when I joined a renowned global retail powerhouse known for its strong sense of community, commitment to quality, integrity, and respect for shoppers. This experience proved to be a turning point in my life, teaching me invaluable lessons in business management, team leadership, and boutique operations. I am eager to bring the wealth of knowledge and innovative ideas I gained during that time to Be-Spoke Boutique.

So, what can you expect from the future of Be-Spoke Boutique? Everything you have come to love about Be-Spoke Boutique will remain and expand.

The potential of Be-Spoke Boutique fills me with immense passion, fueled by Tianna's original vision and niche, our exceptional and warm team of stylists, our focus on Australian-only designers, and the supportive community of shoppers we have cultivated. We proudly feature local Mudgee artisan superstars at Be-Spoke, such as @girlwithapearl, @lumiere_chandlery, @brontecoxart, and in the upcoming Spring of 2023, locally grown posies by our very own Candice from @posieclub_

I eagerly await your visit to Be-Spoke Boutique!

Warm regards,

Megan x