Meet the team: Candice.

Our beautiful Candice is currently on Maternity Leave and busy working on her Flower Farming for this spring. Candice's Blooms @posieclub_ will be available at Be-Spoke Boutique. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I’m a super creative person who loves a good chat, Im curious & love to learn new things. I’m driven by passion, my minds always wondering about what’s next & I’m always dreaming big (seriously could I be anymore Gemini). 
I’ve spent the past 12 years in the hairdressing industry, exploring various directions but found my groove and had a little salon locally. Last year I retired to pursue my most purposeful job yet, becoming a mum. My 2 year son Ardie is such a blessing, I love spending my days with him, watching him learn & grow. My favourite things to do are coffee & walk with my husband, baby & dog, spending time in my garden growing flowers & cooking up a storm in the kitchen. A good catchup with my girlfriends over a cheeseboard and some Logan bubbles is essential in my life too. 

Have you always been in fashion? 

This is my first experience in the fashion/retail industry. I thought I’d take the opportunity to try a new career direction. I was drawn to this particular industry for the social aspect, it’s fast pace & was seeking creative fulfilment again & have always appreciate & understood quality fashion.

What’s your favourite brand at Bespoke? 

I’m currently obsessing over our newest fashion label Friend of Audrey, but also have been a long time lover of everything Elka Collective. 

What do you love most about working with us? 

I love the core values that bespoke has been build on, supporting Australian fashion labels who produce high quality clothing, made sustainably and ethically. I appreciate working in a team where our opinion is asked & valued, & we can openly share creative ideas. 
I love doing the showings for the upcoming seasons. It’s so much fun seeing what the different brands are releasing and choosing what will fit the bespoke customer best. I also enjoy when we have new stock arrives, I can curate some seasonal outfits & play around with our displays, release some creative energy!