Rosie and Mable

R&M: Bath Soaks


Dissolve a handful of salts into your warm bath water and enjoy!

Relax: Destress and unwind in this relaxing blend of mineral rich pink himalayan and magnesium salts, infused with organic rose petals, rose geranium and lavender pure essential oils. Himalayan salt is said to generate negative ions in the air, creating the same soothing and calming effect that we experience on a saltwater beach. 

RESTORE: Detox and rejuvinate in this restorative blend of magnesium salts, infused with organic hibiscus, rose and lavender petals and pure lavender essential oil. Hibiscus helps to improve and even skin tone as it has gentle exfoliation properties. 

Some essential oils may cause irritation or allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin. We recommend a patch test before regular use.

Pure, natural ingredients and not tested on animals.

250g in a glass reusable and recyclable bottle.

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