Brie Leon

Bucket Tote w/Acetate Chain


Deep bucket bag w/ zip pouch insert | changeable straps long 56cm + short 25cm | cross body acetate feature chain (detachable) | bag measures 27.5x26x12cm | quality PU.

100% Vegan Leather

Care: Keep bag away from strong chemicals and anything that may scratch or mark it. Simply dust or wipe clean with a damp lint free cloth. Steer clear from any leather care products as our bags are sensitive to oils and waxes. Store away from the sun and heat in a cool, dry place.

***Please note, we do not recommend using the acetate chain to carry the bag. It is only a design feature. Kindly use the vegan leather straps provided as the main carrier. Returns will be reconsidered for misuse.

Only 1 piece in stock!

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